So you want to know more about the person behind all these non-sense?

I'm Denise and and I call myself a designer, dreamer, storyteller and polar bear lover. In fact it is included in my bucket list that I should hug a polar bear before I die. 

I started this blog back in 2010 though I have left and returned a couple of times without really knowing what I really want to do with it. Now, I decided, for the umpteenth time, to work on this blog and write about things, opinions, and other bullshit I want to share to the world. I am aware that most of them are best kept hidden in the dark depths of my subconsciousness, but guess what? We're free to express ourselves and I'm sure as hell am going to abuse that privilege.

That being said, I deleted my old posts which I deem to be unworthy of inclusion to this blog, considering I have aspirations for my blogging career.  But that doesn't mean you wouldn't find any of my previous crap posts, in which I sincerely apologize.


I would love to hear from you! Just don't sing. Please? Thank you.

WEBSITE: www.denisewy.com
BLOG: denisewy.blogspot.com
EMAIL: mail[@]denisewy[dot]com
TWITTER: @denisewy

To see my design portfolio, please visit denisewy.com

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