Saturday, May 26, 2012

My dream job as an Industrial Designer

I'm not happy.

Well, not with my life. I'm happy that I still have my family, I have good friends and that my laptop still manages to function despite it being overworked all time, but I'm not happy with my career. I know it's a huge statement considering I'm a fresh graduate. I'm currently working as a designer for a great company but so far, I can't find satisfaction in what I do. It just feels wrong. And I also have this feeling that I wouldn't be able to find a job here in my country that will make me happy.

I love both Industrial and graphic design, but I don't think I'll be happy working as a graphic designer, and considering that most of the career opportunities for Industrial designers in the Philippines are geared toward visual merchandising, well... yeah, that's just sad. If I'll be given a chance to take control of my career path, this is how I want it to play out.

I want my own design studio. I'll be focusing on product design, but it won't be the kind of studio where I'll take in clients and do design projects for them. What I want is to design my own products under the studio's brand and introduce it in the market. I won't hire any employees. (Though I'll be needing an accountant) I want a studio where my friends are my colleagues and we're the bosses and employees of ourselves. I want to be with people who breathes and eats design. I want "good" crazy people whose passion is to create products that will make people go "WOW!"

I know it's easier said than done, but this is how I envisioned my career path would be. But then again, if all else fails, I'll just be an actress.



PS Currently listening to Katharine McPhee's How from the 2010 Unbroken album. It's a sad song with a happy and upbeat rhythm. Check it out. :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012



Today is a big day! I just watched the season finale of my two favorite TV shows, SMASH and How I Met Your Mother.

I must say that I really am impressed with how SMASH ended, though I was kinda hoping for more. (Karen played Marilyn!!!!!) I must say that it's a little bit expected considering Karen (McPhee) is the lead role for this series. There are a lot of Ivy (Megan) fans out there who's disappointed with the show's conclusion. I'm on the team Karen side so I'm pretty much happy with the decision. :) Anyway, the show concluded with a lot of questions, though I must also add that the possibility of Julia (Messing) being pregnant is not much of a surprise.


SMASH season finale with Karen singing Don't Forget Me for Bombshell
(I must say that the Marilyn background was a great touch!)


Now, let's go for my other favorite show, How I Met Your Mother, which ended with a 2-episode finale. 

Marvin Wait For It Eriksen. I can't believe they really used Barney's tagline as the second name for Lily and Marshall's son.

Eriksen Family

But what really made my day was the revelation that Robin is Barney's bride! I don't know how the writers would pull the story off considering Barney just proposed to Quinn, but...oh well, I'm a Barney-Robin fan ever since and I'm just happy that they've finally decided to bring them together.

Robin Scherbatsky as Barney's bride!

That's for now.


Monday, May 7, 2012

Karen vs. Ivy and a stomach flu


With the latest episode of NBC's SMASH entitled "Preview" 14 hours away (from my country) the only way I could do to stop myself from pulling my hair out is to watch previous episodes of SMASH! Boy, I really love that show and I hate waiting a week just to watch the latest episode!!!

Anyway, the reason I'm writing this post is to "post" my opinion regarding the question about who is the better actress who should play Marilyn Monroe for the upcoming episode. I personally like Katharine McPhee better than Megan Hilty so the answer is pretty obvious. I mean, I agree with Derek (Jack Davenport) that the one who must play Marilyn should have her innocence and vulnerability. Ivy (Megan Hilty) may have Marilyn's body but she just looks so...hmm, how should I put this? She looks kinda brusque? (Not the right word I'm looking for but it's something along that line) Having read an article earlier regarding the upcoming episode, it was hinted that Ellis will have a hand on who's going to play Marilyn, and I won't be surprised if Ivy ends up playing the part. But honestly? Karen (Katharine McPhee) should have the part! Sure she looks a little weird when she does Marilyn in a speaking part (her lips are too pouty) but she looks better as Marilyn! (I have nothing against Megan Hilty, she's a great actress but I just got carried away with the story and all that stuff)

From left to right, Karen (McPhee) and Ivy (Hilty) as Marilyn.

But I also have this feeling that both Karen and Ivy might end up playing Marilyn in different scenes as Derek pointed out in episode 8, The Coup, that there are two kinds of Marilyn. The historical and the contemporary, so it makes sense if both Karen and Ivy play the part. But I guess we'll have to wait until the episode airs and perhaps I might voice out my opinion regarding the upcoming episode, or maybe not at all. I just wish that the show's ratings pick up for the last two episodes. That being said, I have to end this post as I'm about to watch the latest episode of AMC's The Killing, (and then CBS's HIMYM tomorrow. )

P.S. You might be wondering why the words "stomach flu" were written above...well, that has got nothing to do with SMASH. It's just me. I've finally experienced what's it like to have one (not that I'm looking forward to it) and it's not fun at all.



Wednesday, May 2, 2012



I've been doing some job hunting lately but I don't think that's enough of an excuse for my absence.

Anyway, I've been watching NBC's SMASH and all I can say is that... I LOVE IT!!! I'm not really a fan of musicals (haven't watched Disney's High school Musical and Glee) and the first time I saw a video snippet of Katharine McPhee's performance of 20th Century Fox Mambo for the show, I remember telling my mom this, "how come they always do TV musical these days?" That happened a month ago.  What actually made me want to watch SMASH was after I visited YouTube and listened to Katharine McPhee's cover of RUN by Snow Patrol. Then after reading comments and learning that the song came from a recent episode of SMASH, I was like, "hmm... why don't I try watching the pilot and decide whether I'll like it or not?" A three days after and 10 episodes later, well... I'm HOOKED!!

I'm a Marilyn Monroe fan though I haven't watched any of her movies, (Remember my fear of black and white movies?) and the idea of creating a Marilyn musical intrigued me. And I also want to add that I LOVE Katharine McPhee! The funny thing is, I only learned about her when NBC started promoting SMASH, but before that, she's just a name. I knew her songs (My Destiny and Over It) though I really had no idea who sung them. (Yeah, weird... But I don't watch American Idol) so imagine my surprise when I started liking the show and began researching everything about this great singer/actress. She really can sing! And I think she would do a better Marilyn than Megan Hilty. (Just an opinion, though Megan's character, Ivy is great too!)

Katharine McPhee as Karen Cartwright playing Marilyn

Megan Hilty as Ivy Lynn playing Marilyn

I am so looking forward for this show and now that it's nearing its season finale, I can't help but feel sad (and a little bit pissed) that I'll have to wait for the Season 2. I mean, I want to watch this show every day! The songs are marvelous and the actors are great, which makes me wonder why its ratings are going down ever since the pilot. But anyway, you can't please everybody.

But as for me, I FREAKING LOVE SMASH!!!

Just wanna share this video I found on Youtube... It's just plain funny 

P.S. I REALLY HATE ELLIS and Angelica Houston still scares the hell out of me. (But that doesn't mean I don't like her.)