Saturday, May 26, 2012

My dream job as an Industrial Designer

I'm not happy.

Well, not with my life. I'm happy that I still have my family, I have good friends and that my laptop still manages to function despite it being overworked all time, but I'm not happy with my career. I know it's a huge statement considering I'm a fresh graduate. I'm currently working as a designer for a great company but so far, I can't find satisfaction in what I do. It just feels wrong. And I also have this feeling that I wouldn't be able to find a job here in my country that will make me happy.

I love both Industrial and graphic design, but I don't think I'll be happy working as a graphic designer, and considering that most of the career opportunities for Industrial designers in the Philippines are geared toward visual merchandising, well... yeah, that's just sad. If I'll be given a chance to take control of my career path, this is how I want it to play out.

I want my own design studio. I'll be focusing on product design, but it won't be the kind of studio where I'll take in clients and do design projects for them. What I want is to design my own products under the studio's brand and introduce it in the market. I won't hire any employees. (Though I'll be needing an accountant) I want a studio where my friends are my colleagues and we're the bosses and employees of ourselves. I want to be with people who breathes and eats design. I want "good" crazy people whose passion is to create products that will make people go "WOW!"

I know it's easier said than done, but this is how I envisioned my career path would be. But then again, if all else fails, I'll just be an actress.



PS Currently listening to Katharine McPhee's How from the 2010 Unbroken album. It's a sad song with a happy and upbeat rhythm. Check it out. :)

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