Wednesday, May 2, 2012



I've been doing some job hunting lately but I don't think that's enough of an excuse for my absence.

Anyway, I've been watching NBC's SMASH and all I can say is that... I LOVE IT!!! I'm not really a fan of musicals (haven't watched Disney's High school Musical and Glee) and the first time I saw a video snippet of Katharine McPhee's performance of 20th Century Fox Mambo for the show, I remember telling my mom this, "how come they always do TV musical these days?" That happened a month ago.  What actually made me want to watch SMASH was after I visited YouTube and listened to Katharine McPhee's cover of RUN by Snow Patrol. Then after reading comments and learning that the song came from a recent episode of SMASH, I was like, "hmm... why don't I try watching the pilot and decide whether I'll like it or not?" A three days after and 10 episodes later, well... I'm HOOKED!!

I'm a Marilyn Monroe fan though I haven't watched any of her movies, (Remember my fear of black and white movies?) and the idea of creating a Marilyn musical intrigued me. And I also want to add that I LOVE Katharine McPhee! The funny thing is, I only learned about her when NBC started promoting SMASH, but before that, she's just a name. I knew her songs (My Destiny and Over It) though I really had no idea who sung them. (Yeah, weird... But I don't watch American Idol) so imagine my surprise when I started liking the show and began researching everything about this great singer/actress. She really can sing! And I think she would do a better Marilyn than Megan Hilty. (Just an opinion, though Megan's character, Ivy is great too!)

Katharine McPhee as Karen Cartwright playing Marilyn

Megan Hilty as Ivy Lynn playing Marilyn

I am so looking forward for this show and now that it's nearing its season finale, I can't help but feel sad (and a little bit pissed) that I'll have to wait for the Season 2. I mean, I want to watch this show every day! The songs are marvelous and the actors are great, which makes me wonder why its ratings are going down ever since the pilot. But anyway, you can't please everybody.

But as for me, I FREAKING LOVE SMASH!!!

Just wanna share this video I found on Youtube... It's just plain funny 

P.S. I REALLY HATE ELLIS and Angelica Houston still scares the hell out of me. (But that doesn't mean I don't like her.)



  1. Denise,
    There are a lot of Marilyn Monroe movies in color.
    Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Bus Stop, The Misfits are some that I can think of off the top of my head. You really shouldn't be afraid of black and white movies though, honestly, just give them a chance.

  2. Yeah I know. I watched Schindler's list and I survived...

  3. I've been a McPhee fan since 2006 and it's always fun to find someone discovering her and getting on the bandwagon. Smash may have its inconsistencies and imperfections but the music is just fabulous and I enjoy the colorful, over the top characters. One critic called it a "soap musical." Whatever it is, hang in there and we'll all get together next fall or winter or whenever they decide to start it up again. Can we wait 8 months? Good lord! Oh, and AH can be pretty imposing but I love her.

  4. Hey groucho! Thanks for dropping by. I Love her as well!! :)


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