Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween and my animosity towards costume parties

Today’s my least favorite holiday of the year. Maybe it has got something to do with horror movies in the cable and brightly lit Jack-O-Lanterns that would have been better off as pumpkin soup. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate Halloween, I just don’t like it. But I do hate horror movies especially gory ones. It’s not that I scare easily, it’s just I don’t find it entertaining to see a movie that’s trying hard to scare people with camera effects and bad lighting.

One thing I’ve also noticed about Halloweens are the parties that include costume parties. There’s nothing wrong with them, and I don’t object them but as far as I’m concerned, Halloween was supposed to be spooky and scary. So I don’t see the point of dressing kids as fairies, water hydrants or zoo animals. I think it would probably better to create a separate costume holiday. That way, you can be whatever you want to be without looking out of place, because seriously, whenever a Halloween party comes and the partygoers are advised to be in their spooky/scary costumes, you’ll never fail to see a butterfly or a fairy!

Anyway, I think I’m starting to sound like a Halloween hater so I might as well end this post before I end up writing things that I consider inappropriate for Halloween…just kidding.
Enjoy your costume parties!


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  1. Halloween is not very high on my list either.
    I loved it when I was a kid, because it WAS for kids... you put a sheet over your head and cut two holes in it, you dressed in black and were a witch. Now, it has become another thing for stores to make money off of, the purchase of costumes for ADULTS even more than children.
    Oh dear, maybe I AM a Halloween hater! Enjoy Halloween for those who like that kind of thing!


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