Monday, October 15, 2012

Lady Sybil is dead

I know that I've written yesterday that this blog would go on a temporary hiatus, but I decided to write a post since I couldn't accept what I just witnessed-or rather watched! Lady Sybil is dead! And yes, she's just a fictional character but dammit!

I began watching Downton Abbey last month after hearing about the fantastic reviews. I usually watch sitcoms like HIMYM and 30 Rock, though I watch dramas from time to time likewith SMASH and Once Upon A Time.

Anyway, I just finished watching the latest episode (season 3, episode 5) and I immediately logged in here to rant about what just happened! I knew that either Sybil or the baby would die the moment Sir Phillip and Dr. Clarkson were arguing about bringing Sybil to the hospital. But I still couldn't believe that Julian Fellowes really did decide to kill her!!!! It was unnecessary! Granted Jessica Brown Findlay had less airtime this season, but that wasn't enough to kill her off. Also, It was a horrible way to die. She could've died in her sleep. But where's the drama in that?

Anyway, it's done, and we all have to wait for next week's episode.

That's for now.

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PS Still mourning for her death. :(