Sunday, January 13, 2013

We are infinite

I just finished watching The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and though I liked it, I'm a bit disappointed that they left out some details from the book. But then again, I had to remind myself that film adaptations of great books would always be produced like that, and somehow, that makes me feel a bit smug thinking that having read the book before watching the movie gives me an edge from those who didn't. Sorry.

Anyway, this is not a movie review post, so I wouldn't bore you with the details or give you my own version of the film's synopsis. But I do want to point out the things that I enjoyed, or rather found interesting.

1. Ezra Miller is cute. I know he's gay but I don't care.
2. Logan Lerman as Charlie is amazing.
3. I couldn't really concentrate on Emma Watson's dialogues considering the fact that I kept on waiting for her to slip into her English accent.
4. And lastly, I liked Charlie's monologue in the end. It was a bit different from the book but it almost made me cry.

That's all.



P.S I told you this wasn't a movie review post.


  1. I agree with you. And I yes, Logan Lerman as Charlie is amazing, I think no one could be more perfect for the role.

    (Hi, I'm Lulu, been reading your blog for a while now)

    1. Hey Lulu, thank you for dropping by my site. ^_^ Just visited your blog, surprised that you're an Industrial Designer as well. :D

    2. Yeah, but I'm leaning more towards Graphic Design apparently, haha.

      Your blog was the one that inspired me to make one too, but I ended up making it more about books.

    3. You know what's funny, I'm currently working as a graphic designer. No joke. :)

  2. Hi Denise! I really adored the movie although did not read the book first (kind of glad I didn't because I never like the movie as much as the book). I fell hard for Ezra Miller.....he was just so wonderful in this movie. Charlie was also amazing. I liked Emma too but I kept expecting her to put on her striped scarf and head off to witch school. It will be so hard for her to break that!

    1. Hello Audrey!
      Thanks for dropping by! Yep, Ezra is awesome! Have you seen him in "We need to talk about Kevin?"


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