Monday, December 19, 2011

Missing Natasha Richardson

Natasha is currently my favorite actress next to Meryl Streep. I just wish that she's still alive to make more great movies.

I've watched the film Asylum (2005) last night and I really love her performance. I know that it has already been two years since the ski accident, but I still feel sad whenever I think about her untimely death. Anyway, I've decided to watch some of her movies like Patty Hearst and Evening (with her mother Vanessa Redgrave and close friend Meryl Streep) I would also love to watch her as Mary Shelley in the film Gothic (1986) but I kinda hate watching horror movies (especially old ones) so I guess I'm going to have to skip that one.

That's for now.




  1. Denise,
    Make sure that you see her in the remake of the movie "Parent Trap" which is from the late 90's. That is such a great movie. You wouldn't believe what a great English accent that Lindsay Lohan could do when she was a kid.
    Let me know if you see it!

  2. Hi Kay!

    YES!!! I've seen the movie 3-4 times and I love it! Though I can't help but feel sorry for the present Lindsay Lohan. She shouldn't have ruined her life like that. I wonder what went wrong. :(

  3. Oh yes, Denise, isn't it so sad for Lindsay Lohan. People make fun of her so, but I think she had a very sad childhood. I hope she is able to find her way.
    Hope you have a happy holiday!

  4. hi denise!
    wow! my favorite actresses are both natasha richardson AND meryl streep! :)
    and these past few weeks, i've been watching a collection of natasha richardson's movies! I haven't reached asylum yet though... but i've watched the handmaid's tale; the favor, the watch and the very big fish; and nell :) Oh! and of course, the parent trap. my ultimate favorite movie ever! I'm currently trying to find a dvd of patty hearst....
    I'm so glad that we are both watching natasha's movies :) Yes, I really wish that she made more movies.... and I really wish that we could all watch her broadway shows again (only a miracle can do such) :(
    And I feel so sad when I remember her very tragic death. She was such a young, versatile actress AND she was such a wonderful person. It's just heartbreaking. especially knowing how much she loved her husband, Liam Neeson, and her sons.
    anyway... thanks for sharing, and i wish you a very merry christmas! :)

    Happy Holidays, Denise! :)

  5. Hi Georgina!

    Thanks for dropping by and Merry Christmas to you as well.

    I'm so freaking glad to know that you love Meryl Streep and Natasha Richardson too! (my friends don't like them and don't really have anyone to talk about their movies and stuff, which turned me to blogging)

    anyway, I'll be watching Patty Hearst later. Have you watched Evening and Wild Child? (her last movie) I'm currently looking for The white countess and maybe I'll check some of the movies you mentioned. :)

  6. Oh! I have the same problem too! haha. I tell my friends about them and their movies... and they have no clue on what I'm talking about. so it's really great to find out someone who is a fan of both! I mean, for my age, people would think that I'd like Miley Cyrus... or Selena Gomez. So it quite amuses them when i mention these names.

    I haven't watched Evening yet.. Maybe I will sometime I finish all the "Christmas" break homework. But I read in a couple of sites that Natasha's role there was quite limited... Oh well, at least she's still in the movie! :) Wild Child, on the other hand, I have watched. It showed in HBO a couple of months back. And it was a really cute movie! haha! ;)

  7. Hi Georgina!

    Me too! I actually prefer watching old movies now (but not black and white! with the exception of the Schindler's List of course... I just love Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes) How old are you anyway? (if you don't mind me asking) I'm turning 21 next year. And also, do you have a blog where I can follow you?


  8. oh yes! i absolutely love liam neeson. i watched some of his movies too, and he's just as versatile as his wife in terms of acting. :)

    I'm actually 17 years old. Haha! you know, initially, i thought you were from another country... but it turns out we both live in the philippines!

    sadly, i don't. i've tried making a couple of blogs... but the pieces didn't really fall into place as I've expected to. I'll inform you though, when I finally have one again. :) haha!


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