Saturday, June 16, 2012



This week was really good. I’m not really sure if it was because of the one day holiday or the fact that I enjoyed my days at work. Either way, I’m also not sure how I came up with this week’s design. I intended to do some abstract inspired lounge chair with twisted bamboo rods but I just couldn’t picture it in my mind. And even though I know it’s weird, (and probably a sin for my fellow industrial designers,) I didn’t start this design with some sketches… Yeah, I know, I guess the sketching part happened inside my perpetually chaotic mind, but hey, it still looks good right?

Well, it is for me, though I admit that there’s something about it that makes my eye twitch a little. Okay, maybe I’m not thoroughly satisfied with what I came out with. So what’s my inspiration for this…? Hmm okay, this is tricky. I’m not sure what I should call this one. A couch? A chair? Definitely not an ottoman or a sofa though… Ugh, okay it’s a seat… a love seat!! First of all, I love wood. (And I’m afraid you guys would be seeing a lot of it in my future designs.) And I’ve always wanted to use that cool 3d effect of creating holes on a curved surface which was what obviously happened here.

The materials I intend for this design are bamboo (of course) though I’m kind of starting to think that rattan would be much better. (And perhaps more feasible?)  As for the cushion, I’m thinking of foam and canvas sheet.  Geez, I should start writing better posts to accompany my designs!
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