Friday, June 22, 2012



I've just noticed how new PC software/applications are opting on black user interface. I mean look at MS Office 2010 and Adobe CS6. (Not to mention that 3DS max turned black after their 2010 release.) I think that may have influenced me on using a black studio background for this week's design.

Anyway, ever since I uploaded last week's love seat, I had this nagging feeling of creating a hanging furniture, sort of like a swing. I know it's not an original concept but I thought that I could play with it and come up with something fun and modern at the same time. The result is a hanging outdoor seat with steel support planted on the ground.

Materials to be used:

  • ·         Metal
  • ·         Bamboo
  • ·         Cushion

This furniture piece will be much better produced in pairs. I can imagine them being placed on a resort like ambiance, or a modern office lounge with Wall Street people talking about Dow Jones and whatever Wall Street people are supposed to be talking about.


P.S. Next week is International  World Industrial Design Day! Whoop dee doo!!

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